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Current release

So... we have good intentions for documentation. However, it's not all in place yet. Ultimately, you will find a set of Markdown files in the code repository, under the "documentation" sub-folder. Those Markdown files' contents will be equivalent to what you find on this portion of the site, so that if you have the repository you will always have a local copy of the documentation. Both the documentation in Markdown format and the HTML versions on this site will be updated with each release, and previous releases' documentations will be preserved below.

We are much further along in providing comprehensive documentation for the current version (0.3b) than we were in earlier ones but we're still not at 100% yet. So, for the present -- if you are seeing this message before we get the documentation for the current release finalized, feel free to play around with the toolbox and the code. As noted on the main page, however, you may not be able to do a ton with it until the docs are a bit more complete, so please feel free to get in touch with the dev team and we can give you a hand. Your questions will also help inform which parts of the docs and website need fleshing out most.


Previous releases

Our previous releases were 0.1b and 0.2b! But the documentation system was not complete in those. In the future, this section will contain links to older versions of the documentation so people can make sure they keep things straight with whatever toolbox version they are using. For now, we doubt anyone using early releases needs web-ified documentation but if you are still using that release, your best bet for documentation is going to be inside the corresponding folder in that release.


Video tutorials

If you just want a (semi-)succinct intro to using the toolbox, setting up a machine for deep learning, and/or doing TensorFlow-based analyses with it, see one or more of the videos below:


Quick intro to the toolbox:


Setting up an Ubuntu PC:


Adding in TensorFlow support: