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Contact / team

This toolbox is being developed primarily by a team based at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and in particular within the Department of Psychology and the Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior (CB3). It was initiated by Jake Williams and continues to be developed and maintained primarily by Karl Kuntzelman (CB3 programmer extraordinare) and Matt Johnson (CB3 Assistant Professor ordinaire).

We devs have been using this toolbox internally for a while but it is still relatively new in terms of public release. We are currently seeking funding to help flesh it out, but even if it doesn't get funded we will try to maintain and expand it as well as we can. We recognize that until the user base has grown substantially larger, users may have a lot of questions about getting started, so we welcome those as well as any comments and suggestions. The main thing we ask is that if we help you get set up with this toolbox, maybe you could also help us with fleshing out documentation, providing benchmarks of how it performs on your hardware, and so on, in order to pay it forward and help make this toolbox even better for future users.

To get in touch: We hate email so the best option for raising issues and stuff is probably through the issue tracker at the Bitbucket repository, which should be set up to allow general access to anyone. If you want to take an active role in development or want some personalized help setting up a system of your own, we also use the Slack app quite a bit to communicate amongst ourselves, so we would be happy to add you to our team there. (If you want a Slack invite, we do concede that you may have to send us an email to get the ball rolling there -- probably not worth a Bitbucket issue. See below for email address.)

If the Issue tracker doesn't seem to be working or you can't figure it out, or if for some other reason you absolutely MUST send us email, you can use the following address: delineate dot toolbox at unl dot edu. Be forewarned that we check it sporadically and resentfully. However, our resentment can potentially be remedied with appropriate donations of cash or doughnuts.



Go here to access this project on Bitbucket, which will allow you to get direct access to frequent updates of the code repository (before they appear in major release form) and also let you use the issue tracker.

If you'd like to contribute to the project, just create a Bitbucket account if you don't already have one (a basic account is free and if the deal is still the same as when we signed up, academics can also get more extended accounts at no charge), and either send us pull requests or get in touch if you'd like to be even more directly involved.